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Interviews/Visits Important Dates & Best Practices

For schools that choose to use the On Campus Interview module with Pick Time, there are 3 key dates that impact student activity once they are invited by the employer. This article describes the important dates as well as GradLeaders recommended best practice. 

 Invite Accept Start Date/Time

  • This determines when invited students can begin selecting an interview time slot
  • This date can be (and should be) a few days prior to the employer “Invite List Due” date.  That way, if an employer completes the invitations early and finalizes the invite list, when the invited students receive the email notifiying them that they've been invited, they can immediately take action and select a time slot.
  • There is no downside to having this date set earlier than the employer “Invite List Due” date.  Students can not see their invitation or pick a time until the invites are finalized.

Invite Accept End Date/Time

  • For invited students that have not yet picked a time slot,  this controls when the “Pick Time/Decline” actions go away
  • This date/time should be very near (within a few hours) to the Final Student Deadline date/time, but it should not be later than the Final Student Deadline.

Final Student Deadline

  • For invited students that have already picked a time slot, this controls the “Swap/Cancel” actions
  • This should always be the latest date/time that any student action is permitted for the interview
  • Leaving Swap permissions on is recommended.  It is generally unnecessary but might be helpful to the last few students picking time slots on a very full schedule
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